Veröffentlicht am: 04.07.2014

Pumacy wins contract to provide Open Innovation Platform to DIN

Pumacy Technologies AG has been appointed by DIN German Institute for Standardization to design and implement the Open Innovation Software Platform Induct as part of the project “INS – Innovation with Norms and Standards”.

DIN coordinates and conducts the project “INS – Innovation with Norms and Standards” which has been initiated by the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology. Based on this, DIN advertised the INS project as a “Platform for collaboration in innovative and convergent fields with focus on early transfer in norms and standards across companies and branches“.

Pumacy Technologies AG has been appointed to implement the platform as well as to coordinate the marketing and communication strategy. The conception of the strategy will be carried out by the German Dialog Institute – Deutsches Dialog Institut (DDI) – based in Frankfurt/Main.

With the project DIN targets to create an independent platform coordinated by moderators providing a range of events and meetings on the one hand. On the other hand, there will be a platform supporting the networking and collaboration in innovative fields across companies and branches. The forum is dedicated to representatives from the business world as well as from science to promote lively discussions and to prelude further joint activities such as projects focusing on norms and standards.

By performing the project, DIN intends to strengthen the general awareness of the fact that solving economic and societal challenges will more and more depend on the collaboration of different protagonists across companies and branches. This awareness follows the assumption of Prof. Henry Chesbrough: „No one is an expert at everything“.

Pumacy Technologies convinced with its concept of the integration of the Induct Open Innovation Community. The cloud solution of the Norway-based company Induct S.A. is based on the theory of Prof. Henry Chesbrough and has already been implemented by companies across the globe. Pumacy is Induct solution provider for the German-speaking market. At first, the software will be used as a national platform. Later on it will be expanded to a European and global platform.

Pumacy Technologies AG

Pumacy Technologies AG is a leading provider of knowledge, innovation and process management solutions. Methods are established in projects in order to supplement software and integrate these into the organisation. An inter-disciplinary approach helps in meeting the individual requirements of the customer.

Pumacy has already worked for international manufacturers in the aviation and automobile sectors, as well as in mechanical engineering and plant construction and the life sciences industries and has participated in significant international projects.


With this platform DIN offers all interested parties another opportunity for the early development of standards and technical rules as a service to industry, the state and society as a whole. The remit of DIN is to encourage and organize standardization and specification activities (DIN SPEC) among industry, research organizations, the public sector and society as a whole. Some 30,000 experts contribute their skills and experience to the standardization process. DIN is a private organization registered as a non-profit association.