Wikis in the company

The right wiki for you

Have you thought about a wiki for your company? The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has achieved great success, mainly because it allows users to add their own contributions and comment on other articles, and the ability to directly edit them. Although wikis are easy to start using, the framework needs to be adapted to the specific requirements of your company. We choose the wiki that suits your company according to your application – so you can start your wiki within a week!

What is the purpose of a wiki?

The good thing about a wiki solution is that it is so versatile: either with many functions and features, or as a very lean version – for small businesses to big corporations. We work with you to find the best solution and configure it. This usually only requires a few days.

Applications of wikis

  • Access to corporate knowledge (find and write documentation and information)
  • Supervise your quality management (access all processes and keep track of changes)
  • Project work and operational project management (document progress and tasks of your projects)

With a suitable wiki solution, every employee in your company can actively participate in the exchange of knowledge, and you get quick access to the information you really need through a structured repository. The use of wiki software helps you analyze, structure, propagate and transfer knowledge and experience. This not only sustainably increases motivation, but also supports communication between colleagues. With Enterprise wikis, it is also possible to assign specific rights to individual users or groups. We offer the entire solution spectrum.

Mit einer passenden Wiki-Lösung kann sich jeder Mitarbeiter Ihres Unternehmens aktiv am Wissensaustausch beteiligen. Sie erhalten durch eine strukturierte Ablage schneller Zugriff zu den Informationen die Sie wirklich benötigen. Der Einsatz einer Wiki-Software hilft Ihnen bei der Analyse, der Strukturierung, der Vermehrung und dem Transfer von Wissen und Erfahrungen. Das erhöht nicht nur nachhaltig die Motivation, sondern unterstützt auch die Kommunikation untereinander. Mit Enterprise-Wikis ist es darüber hinaus möglich, spezielle Rechte für einzelne Benutzer oder Gruppen zu vergeben. Wir bieten Ihnen das gesamte Lösungsspektrum an.

Benefits of a wiki in a company

  • Simple and fast: A Wiki simplifies processes and saves time
  • Individual: A wiki can be individually customized – according to your wishes
  • Communicative: Wikis support active communication between employees hierarchically
  • Efficient: A wiki is a particularly lightweight solution, the introduction and the operation is uncomplicated
  • Support: Your own processes are not changed, but supported by the wiki

Which wiki is right for you?

The selection of Wiki solutions is diverse. Depending on the basic requirements of our customers, we offer Wiki solutions that are suitable for use in your company or other organizations.

We recommend the XWiki and Confluence wikis, as they are best suited for organizational use: they contain all the relevant features and can grow with the requirements of the company. If you would like to know more about individual functions, please take a look at our studies or ask us directly, without obligation.

Our Wikis Expertise

  • XWiki
  • Confluence
  • Enterprise Collaboration
  • Wiki (proprietary)

Other free wikis

  • BlueSpice
  • DrupalWiki
  • Foswiki
  • TikiWiki & TWiki


We deliver the right wiki solution!

Have you already implemented a Wiki solution in your processes and still need support? Or are you interested in creating a new wiki? We will help you!

  • We have been knowledge management experts for over 15 years and know the typical applications used by our customers
  • You receive the appropriate configuration for your company and internal processes
  • We offer our Wiki experience for different organizations – from small companies to big corporations
  • We also offer matching modules for XWiki and Liferay, such as system-wide file system searches.

Request your company wiki

Our offer for your Wiki solution

Creating a new wiki

  • Analysis of your existing processes
  • Individual consultation for selecting a wiki solution with a wiki workshop
  • Implementation of the wiki
  • Training/coaching for administrators and key users

Optimize your existing wiki

  • Professional training for your administrators
  • Recommendations for improving your wiki
  • Development of templates, roles, structures, and procedures for establishing your wiki in the company


How to get the right wiki in 3 steps

We want you to find the appropriate wiki for your company quickly and easily. This is why Pumacy has set the goal of implementing the wiki solution within a few days for itself. In a short presentation and following workshop, we will meet with you and work to find the appropriate Wiki solution. At your request, we can also take over the technical implementation.

  1. Presentation (Web session) of Wiki applications with questionnaire (1 hour)
  2. Wiki-Workshop (requirements, introduction or optimization workshop) (1 day)
  3. Implementation of your customized wiki solution (optional, 3 – 5 days)

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Wiki success stories from our customers

Along with some well-known customers, we also use a configured wiki for our own structures and workflows, and specially created templates in our company. Our Wiki lives through the participation of everyone, and evolves constantly. Based on our own experience with wikis, we are even better able to address the needs of our customers and develop new solutions.

Introduction of a registry wiki for a client

We created a comprehensive and clear company wiki for a well-known tax office, which has been approved by all employees and is regularly used. The quality of the processes was ensured by proper documentation and was rated as very positive by the ISO 9001 Auditor.

Quote: “In hindsight, I can speak of a clear effort. The original concerns were quickly resolved by a competent consulting service. The employees keep the new tool alive! Due to its similarity to social networks, particularly young employees have a good relationship with the wiki. Use of this new and simple knowledge management tool is quickly learned through simple operation and handling. And the best part is that through the revision security and other features, everything is comprehensible and protected. “

Frequently Asked Questions + Answers

How long does the implementation of a wiki take?

A wiki is technically installed within a few hours. In order to adapt your wiki to your specific needs and to make use of it immediately, you should add content beforehand.

How expensive is a wiki?

Open source wikis, as well as commercial wikis are cost-justifiable. We will prepare a detailed offer before the workshop, in which you will be informed about the next steps and the costs.

Why should we choose Pumacy?

We have been the knowledge experts for companies of different industries and size for over 15 years. We deliver individually tailored solutions for our customers, so the Wiki is really used and lives in their company. It is important for us to support our customers from the very beginning – from the decision-making process for a Wiki to the use and application in the workplace, and further on, to enabling them to develop the system independently.