Additional Software

Enterprise Search

  • Exalead CloudView von Dassault Systèmes (proprietär)
  • Vivisimo Velocity (proprietär)
  • Lucene (freie Software)


  • Confluence, enterprise collaboration and wiki (proprietary)
  • MediaWiki, wiki software (free)
  • Dokuwiki, wiki software (free)


  • WordPress, blog software (free)
  • StatusNet, micro-blogging server (free)

Content Management Solutions

  • Typo3 (free)
  • Drupal (free)

Requirements Management

  • DOORS (proprietary)
  • HP Quality Center, quality assurance/requirements management (proprietary)

Collaboration Management

  • Microsoft Sharepoint (proprietary)
  • phpCollab, web-based group ware/collaboration platform (free)
  • Target Process, agile project management with SCRUM (proprietary)

Mind Mapping

  • Mindmanager, creation of mind maps (proprietary)
  • Freemind (free)
  • XMind (free)
  • PersonalBrain, information management (free and proprietary)

Process Modelling

  • Aris (proprietary)
  • MO²GO (proprietary)
  • Bizagi Process Modeler, process modelling (free)
  • EPF Composer (free )
  • Imatics ProcessSuite, business process management (proprietary)