Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer for Specialists and Executives

bildAn aging workforce, globalisation and job fluctuation accelerate the loss of expert and management knowledge. Retirement, job rotation or job change come along with a disorganised and haphazard introduction into organisational structures and corporate cultures and cause an insufficient knowledge exchange between project teams.

For our knowledge transfer module we developed sophisticated methods for a qualified transfer of executive knowledge, specialist knowledge and experience, knowledge between predecessor and successor as well as knowledge within teams and departments.

What our customers say:
“Since 2005 Pumacy has been supporting knowledge transfers at Airbus. By now we are using the service throughout the organisation, and we are proud that the solution is being used intensively. Whether in the case of retirement, job rotation or change in leadership – all knowledge transfers were done carefully and professionally. Together with Pumacy we have achieved a great deal in knowledge management such as satisfied users, faster response times and the confidence that our knowledge is correctly transferred to the right staff members.”
Dr.-Ing. Frithjof Weber, Head of Knowledge and Competence Management

We analyse your individual requirements and implement a systemic process that supports a continuous transfer of knowledge and experience. K.exchange applies a set of proven methods, including tailored workshops, transfer talks offered by one of our experts, triad talks, learn and work groups. Additionally, we support the storage of knowledge with software tools, frequently asked questions (FAQ), e-rooms, lessons learned or good practices.