Open Innovation

Innovation culture in change – the modern process for successful innovation projects

Globalisation and shorter product lifecycles are only the best-known factors that increase the innovation pressure on a company. Only if you show innovative performance will you be able to prevail on the market. First, we need a large pool of ideas. However, the decisive question is: What source is desired for the ideas? How are entrepreneurially relevant ideas filtered and promoted to strengthen the innovation power of a company?

We support you in making the right decisions on the path to an open innovation culture and develop workshops to support you in implementation of innovations.

What does Open Innovation mean?

Open Innovation means opening of innovation processes and inclusion of the world outside of all previous innovators. This opening comprises both integration of knowledge, e.g. of employees, supporters, customers or external partners, and the externalisation of internal knowledge to profit of licenses for patents or innovations or spin offs. This can be put into practice without difficulty in a software-based manner today. The Open Innovation platforms of our software partner Induct Innovation Community™ make it possible to adjust the innovation culture or even the entire corporate culture.

Why Open Innovation?

Inclusion of employees, customers and suppliers in the innovation process opens up not only new potentials and perspectives for established products (Sustaining Innovation), but also forms the basis of entirely new business fields (Disruptive Innovation). The Induct platform leaves nothing to be desired:

  • Use of all channels and resources for product development
  • Development of new business fields
  • Development of the market position

Processes and communications channels in or between companies or innovation networks are also connected by the Open Innovation platform. The following result from this as a direct use for companies and organisations:

  • Lowering of the innovation risk
  • Access to external resources
  • Securing of all internally and externally created ideas
  • Increase of motivation for providers of ideas and drivers of innovation
  • Additional income by license assignment

Learn more about Open Innovation, the functions of the Induct Open Innovation platform, and see reference examples.