Pumacy Technologies Group is a solution provider for knowledge, process, and innovation management. Our activities focus on the human aspect within an organisation and process environment as well as the communication among each other. To strengthen communication abilities, we provide a holistic approach in which software tools are adequate means to facilitate communication structures.


Explicit information stored within your software systems as well as implicit personal experiences, competencies, and company networks are essential for more efficient processes and innovations.

Business Processes

Efficient business processes are fundamental to shorten processing times and improve quality. We enhance your business processes by the factor knowledge which already exists within your organisation but has not yet been re-used.


Your innovative power is what we wish to bring forward. By developing promotional processes and making knowledge resources available we foster your innovative capacity and strengthen your company’s competitiveness on its way to become a “learning organisation”.

Besides profound know-how of methods and techniques for all of our three business domains, we offer high professional competence especially for businesses of the manufacturing industry.