Make use of your knowledge! Documenting your business information becomes easy with the knowledge database KMmaster.

In your job you gather new information and knowledge. You use existing know-how to perform your everyday tasks and follow your routines. However, how effectively do you work with the knowledge you and your colleagues acquired? Is there any chance to make knowledge accessible to anybody in your company or team faster and easier than ever before and to save time and money?

Knowledge is the most valuable resource of a team or a company. It is thus all the more important to use this resource effectively. What companies need to be done is to derive the maximum benefits from the knowledge. With KMmaster – our easy and efficient knowledge database – you can make better and more productive use of your knowledge. KMmaster (Knowledge Management Master) is an in-house development by Pumacy. The innovative technology supports systematic development, documentation, distribution, storage, use and evaluation of company knowledge and information. The knowledge database provides a well-structured user interface that enables users to start working almost immediately. Primary objective is to document any kind of business knowledge in way that it will be available and usable for the work of teams in your business.

How can KMmaster support your work?

  • Supports your continuing knowledge management
  • Helps you to document, store and distribute knowledge to others
  • Helps you to systematically develop and extend your knowledge
  • Offers you a smart and easy user interface
  • You can use KMmaster in all types of businesses or industry
  • With KMmaster you actively share knowledge with other people.

Why you should use KMmaster?

Einträge nach Vorlagen sortieren und finden• Create your project teams and communities in KMmaster and share your knowledge and information within your teams.
• Exchange and document your experiences
• Describe what you have learned (Lessons Learned) and illustrate successful practices (Best Practices).
• Accelerate your help desk processes and save time.
• Adjust the tool to your individual needs.
• Go for our pre-configured industry solutions.
• With practical workflows you save time and money and motivate your employees.

KMmaster: innovative database for professional knowledge management

Professional knowledge management has still not yet received the level of attention this approach deserves. Businesses and companies are not aware of the opportunities knowledge management together with a modern software may provide to their processes. In order to help businesses to benefit from knowledge management for as long as possible, we designed the software KMmaster. The software ties in with many knowledge management aspects other applications simply ignore. KMmaster offers some really practical functions. Knowledge management is about how to store and provide know-how that is saved in many different file formats contained in a company’s file repositories.

For this purpose, KMmaster really matters. The modern knowledge management software offers a wide range of functions, easy collaboration between employees, transparency and a well-structured user interface. With KMmaster you can document, share and store your information and knowledge. Mostly knowledge and idea management are two closely linked aspects within a company. New ideas are some of the most valuable resources. With knowledge management ideas can be developed and brought forward by using the available experience and know-how in a company.
Professional knowledge management requires teams and staff who are able to use available software and tools correctly. If there are complex technologies, a proper usage of tools can turn out to be particularly challenging. KMmaster provides a clear user interface and an easy start. Please contact us for more detailed information. Our knowledge database is an in-house design from Pumacy. We provide you a broad insight into the software and show you useful scenarios of knowledge management.

Effective knowledge management is the key to your business success

Today businesses are well aware of the fact that their future business success lies in using their own knowledge. In consequence, more and more companies recognize knowledge as a productive factor and strive to ensure the knowledge flows into their business processes.

If you intend to become a successful knowledge manager, you will need to grow an understanding of data and information. In this context an information within your field of activity has to be recognized as knowledge. Every information is a single corporate resource that could be exchanged between the members of a team. However, the knowledge exchange process requires appropriate means for collaboration. A professional software makes this possible.

KMmaster is an innovative knowledge database. The software has successfully been launched as industry solution. Today, KMmaster is being presented as innovative knowledge and information platform. Many companies already decided for KMmaster and our customer base is constantly growing. KMmaster’s most important feature is a high degree of flexibility. Companies from many different industries prove the wide range of possible applications to close gaps in their business processes. A supplier from the automotive industry uses our software to enable their employees to exchange positive and negative experiences. All teams can document and make available tips and recommendations to their colleagues within their own division and across the whole company. This documented knowledge can significantly simplify certain business process. With KMmaster business processes that serve to document, consolidate, communicate, research and track information become considerably more efficient.

Even quality assurance processes can be supported by KMmaster and valuable working time can be used more efficiently. In quality knowledge processes the right distribution of information to the right recipient plays an important role. With KMmaster you can manage the continuing distribution of sensitive or direct content by using a workflow and role concept that can be customized to our individual needs.

State-of-the-art knowledge management software as full-text search

Although many companies have already started to embed knowledge management years ago, this approach is now receiving more attention than ever before. Reasons for this might be the intuitive handling of today’s knowledge management tools and the availability of search functions for the location of relevant data and information. Referring to our KMmaster, we take one step further. With our software you will be able to include your entire file storage environment in the full-text-search.

There is a considerable variety of data and files that have been stored within a company in the course of years. The range of structures used to store the information (e.g. intranet, network drives, social media) is as diverse as the information itself. The nature of the items relevant for knowledge management purposes is almost impossible to qualify.
To cope the information overload in a professional way, you will need the right software tool. Many enterprise search solutions had been finding their way into the market in the past few years. However, many of these tools offer a range of disadvantages. Referring to the set of functions and costs the tools are far too complex and can hardly be integrated in any kind of business without any problem. KMmaster takes these issues into account. We developed a tool that can easily be integrated in many kinds of businesses.
In our age of communication businesses may struggle to hold their ground and manage their knowledge and innovation not carefully enough. With the help of KMmaster Search businesses can easily cope with the information overload within their own premises. The efficient full-text search function searches knowledge items within the knowledge database while taking into account relevant file storage areas of your business–all with consideration to your individual access rights and permissions. Additionally, categories, tags and comments support the easy handling of the search results.

How to benefit from KMmaster?

KMmaster is a database designed to meet your knowledge management needs. KMmaster provides an easy handling and can be deployed by customers no matter which industry they are in. Your employees can start working with the software almost immediately. The starting area is very well structured, all information available to the user can be accessed very easily. With KMmaster you are able to integrate documents and any other required information. This helps you to benefit from knowledge as long as possible. KMmaster can be deployed in many different areas of your business.
Benefit from our in-house knowledge management solution to strengthen your business processes. Through its functions our software actively supports your team communication. Above this, KMmaster helps you to make better use of your experiences and benefit from other people’s experience within your company. Our knowledge management database is available as customized solution for different industries and areas of application.

Use the software in your project teams and communities. The members of a team may sometimes have completely different states of knowledge and know-how. To enable a successful collaboration between all team members it is very important that they have sufficient resources in place and capacity to collaborate and document necessary information. The active exchange between all team members is one of the most important requirements for new success stories.
By using KMmaster you can accelerate your help desk processes and save time and money. With our software you are going to easily familiarize your team members with the need of documenting information and to finally contribute to your business success.

KMmaster guaranties a quickly and easy handling that allows you a flexible knowledge management in your business. You are going to benefit from all the information available in your business.

Our Service for you on-site

We implement KMmaster in your premises within your IT-infrastructure and offer you our competent support services. If you feel unsure about whether a knowledge management tool is the right one for you, please give us a call and describe what kind of software you are looking for. To boost your knowledge processes and make it available within your company, KMmaster will be the right choice. Together with you we analyze your individual requirements and train your teams with focus on effective and value-based knowledge management. Please contact us.

Benefit from the knowledge database KMmaster for a better collaboration

Kategorien helfen bei der StrukturierungWhile developing KMmaster we put a lot of effort in designing a solution that can be easily integrated into business processes. We guarantee you a solution adaptable to your individual needs. KMmaster allows people to use it very flexibly. A structured user interface and well-thought-out functions provides an efficient handling. We aim to ensure you the best possible success right from the start of using KMmaster. For this, we assist your with one of our experts during the implementation phase. From day one of using KMmaster this procedure will give you savings in both time and cost.

Do you wish to try KMmaster free of charge? Just ask us!

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