Yellow Pages

Development of an Expert Database

bildDo you want to find an expert with specialist knowledge on a certain topic within your organisation? Do you think you have enough time to search for a specialist with skills, qualifications or knowledge about certain products, customers or suppliers? Do you know how to enhance your personal network across your floor, your departement or your location?

K.people provides Yellow Pages and Blue Pages. Yellow Pages provide a comprehensive overview of available knowledge (expertise, skills, experiences, and additional qualifications) as well as first hand information on responsibilities (such as power of attorney, decision making, and member of works council). Blue pages provide extended information on employees and external interfaces such as customers, suppliers or partners.

A tool-based analysis of documentation materials helps facilitate the development of specialist vocabulary in order to create classifications. The generation of a role concept with regard to the stakeholder analysis (promoter, works council, etc.) helps keep the expert data up-to-date.