Web based innovation management

Induct Innovation Community™ is the cloud-based innovation management system of our partner Induct Software AS. RTEmagicC_induct_logo_transparent_small_02.gif

The software is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and is available to you from the moment you sign up. The Induct solution is scalable to suit small companies, project teams, or large enterprises. Induct integrates technologies for collaborative working and social network concepts with a flexible and customisable innovation framework to promote open innovation processes throughout the organisation and beyond.

Open up your innovation process

Based on the work of Professor Henry Chesbrough of UC Berkeley and author of the book “Open Innovation“, the Induct software is marked by the openness of the innovation process and the active and strategic use of information that is available from internal and external sources. The community encourages collaboration and networking inside the organisation. External stakeholders such as customers, manufacturers or resellers are also integrated into the innovation process. Their valuable input can be gathered and used for example in innovation campaigns.

The Open Innovation Platform can be tailored to suit any size of organisation. The solution focuses challenges and opportunities of your organisation and promotes a proactive management of innovation.

Pumacy Technologies AG is premier strategic partner of Induct Software AS and delivers the Induct end-to-end open innovation solution to customers in the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). In addition to this, Pumacy designs innovative solutions according to your individual requirements. Our innovation management portfolio includes innovation concept generation as well as road mapping. To support your innovation strategy we also organise trainings and awareness sessions.