Use Sitrion Social Workplace to network all employees

Is your business already “social“? These days, a successful company can only work efficiently if all employees can exchange ideas, communicate and encourage each other without restrictions. The term social has evolved from a buzzword to becoming arguably one of the most important goals ever. For companies, it is one of the key factors for success. In every business, every enterprise, social is primarily synonymous with successful networking. Solid networking of the workforce shortens pathways, allows the faster adoption of decisions and achieves a considerable time saving in your enterprise. Consequently, good networking generates better work results and motivated employees. The SharePoint-based solution Sitrion Social Workplace allows you to integrate Social Enterprise Networking into your company, without major expenses and with a state-of-the-art and user-friendly interface.

Sitrion turns your SharePoint into a tailor-made social networking platform

Social Enterprise Networking opens up entirely new possibilities in your company, which become noticeable in all operational areas.   We are banking on Sitrion to make the integration of social enterprise networking easier for you, because we are convinced of this platform. The successful software company Sitrion (formerly Newsgator) provides innovative solutions for SAP- and SharePoint-based processes and information. We used Sitrion for the appropriate enhancement of our knowledge management offerings for your company. On the one hand, the Sitrion Social Workplace solutions are used for networking the workforce and on the other hand, they are mobile solutions for employees. This allows an optimal realisation of the Social Enterprise Networking. As a result, nothing should stand in the way of a permanent incorporation into your knowledge management.

Sitrion lets us provide you with a custom-fit solution for your corporate processes and SharePoint application.

Characteristics of Sitrion

  • support for Social Enterprise Networking
  • ideal addition to professional knowledge management
  • promotes the networking of employees
  • ideal as mobile solution
  • suitable for permanent incorporation into the knowledge management
  • shorter pathways between employees
  • faster decision making
  • significant time saving

Sitrion features a number of important functions that can be used to manage your company. The significance of mobile concepts for employees continues to rise. The trend toward mobile work concepts and time models has started to establish itself for years and it is expected to amplify in the coming years. Companies must address the demand for flexible models in order not to relinquish know-how and innovative spirit. Sitrion is one possibility to satisfy this trend.

Sitrion is not only popular for its available functions, but also for its design. The software is designed with a state-of-the-art interface, featuring a clear arrangement and a high degree of user friendliness. A single tool is granting you and your community access to the latest data on the one hand and to relevant information on the other hand. But Sitrion’s greatest strength is its independence from location and time. In addition, the installation of the software is inexpensive.

Sitrion can be expanded with the integration of Outlook, giving you access to tasks, calendar and e-mail. As a result, you are always well prepared. Furthermore, the integration of Outlook also lets you synchronise the most diverse of data.

Functions of Sitrion Social Workplace for your company:

  • modern and user-friendly interface
  • easy communication among employees
  • access to the latest data and relevant information with a single tool
  • attendance in discussions, project groups and work teams promotes networking
  •  publish own activities and work results and evaluate and comment on activities of others
  •  individually configurable views and personal settings
  • integration of Outlook (e-mail, tasks, calendar)
  • it is possible to synchronise data with Outlook, including offline
  • can be used independently of the location and time
  • low installation expenses

Advantages of Sitrion Social Workplace for SharePoint

The demands placed on a good workplace have risen considerably in recent years. An office equipped with a PC is no longer sufficient to create the setting that motivates employees to achieve top performances. Sitrion creates a modern and digital workplace in your company. However, it is not only your workforce but also your company that benefits from it.   Your employees become more motivated and enjoy exchanging their ideas within the team. What’s more, productivity gets a boost as questions can be answered faster and without delay. Sitrion is becoming increasingly popular, making a name for itself not only with its own features, but also with the incorporation into third-party concepts. Many successful companies benefit from Sitrion solutions for SharePoint and as many as 40% of social business leaders have already integrated Sitrion into their SharePoint. Take advantage of the social network trend for your company and get networked! Keep in mind that social networking reaches far beyond online networks such as Facebook.

Not only will existing knowledge be easier to access for all employees going forward. Sitrion is also capable of documenting and evaluating new ideas. No limits are set when it comes to your knowledge!

All benefits at a glance:

  • promotes social networks and the generation of a community within the business
  • creates a state-of-the-art network among the workforce
  • establishes modern work places with digital features
  • increases employee productivity through networks
  • smooth integration into existing systems
  • considerable time saving
  • motivates and encourages to achieve top performances

Sitrion improves the collaboration, thus boosting your company’s success in the long term

Motivated employees who are enjoying their job deliver better work results. This will increase your company’s success in the long term.

Boost the success of your company now with Sitrion Social Workplace:

  • the wired and smart network enables easy communication and improves the workplace culture
  • employees save time with their search and acquisition of important information
  • short training period thanks to the state-of-the-art and intuitive user interface
  • better user acceptance thanks to the clear, well-arranged structure
  • status messages and comments are shared faster, information is captured faster
  • demonstrably better work results and higher productivity
  • lasting success thanks to the integration of all employees and areas of operation

We provide you with the Sitrion solution and our lessons learned from a single source

We help you integrate Sitrion into your SharePoint solution. In so doing, we will rely on the experiences gathered from our customers in the fields of knowledge and innovation management. We are fully convinced of Sitrion. For this reason, we are using the solution ourselves. Because our workforce equally benefits from the Sitrion solution, we are able to provide you with even better individual advice based on our own user experience. Personal experiences create an ideal foundation for excellent service from the very beginning. Whether you have already decided to give Sitrion Social Workplace a try or require general information, we have the answers for you.   Ask us! Pumacy provides modern and comprehensive services for the integration of Sitrion Social Workplace.

Our range of services includes:

  • installation of the Sitrion Social Workplace solution at your site
  • depending on the scope of existing operating areas, Sitrion will be integrated into your existing structures and teams
  • individual configuration based on your needs
  • instruction of all users and training of your administrators

Move forward and embrace the Social Enterprise Network

Are you interested in the innovative Sitrion solution or do you require additional information about SharePoint? Ask us!

Would you like to learn more about knowledge management in businesses? We are here to provide you with advice about the optimal solution for your company and how you can further improve your efficiencies by using the Social Enterprise Network. Ask us for a no obligation quote now.