Veröffentlicht am: 01.04.2010

Give Lead Users the Lead! Pumacy with innovation management solutions at ICEME 2010

Pumacy Technologies AG presents new innovation management solutions at ICEME 2010.

„Give Lead Users the Lead!“ this is the theme of Pumacy Technologies’ presentation at the ICEME 2010, the congress on engineering and meta engineering in Orlando (FL) on April 6-9, 2010. The integration of requirements engineering methods – as used in software development – into innovation processes is in the centre of the presentation. Pumacy’s requirements management-integrated innovation process (REI²P) is an approach to systematically seek and integrate customer feedback across the entire innovation process – from early stages of idea generation to new product launch.

Dr. Tobias Müller-Prothmann, team manager innovation management at Pumacy, explains: “Latest innovation management approaches such as the open innovation paradigm or the lead user approach emphasis the importance of users and customers for the development of products. However, in practice this idea is not followed through. There is a lack of suitable methods to integrate user feedback across the entire innovation process. The REI²P process provides ideas for how to systematically integrate customer and user feedback in the innovation process.”

The integrated approach is based on the innovation process of the ISYPROM project – a joined project of Pumacy Technologies and the University Kassel. The ISYPROM project ( takes two and a half years and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the framework concept “Research for Tomorrow’s Production” under reference number 02PC105x. The project is coordinated by the Project Management Agency Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (PTKA). Members of the consortium are Airbus Deutschland, ESG and Knorr-Bremse – as potential user of the project results – and research institutes such as Fraunhofer IPK and the University of Kassel which contribute to the project with their scientific activities.

The International Conference on Engineering and Meta-Engineering ICEME 2010 ( takes place in Orlando (FL) on April 6-9, 2010. The purpose of the ICEME is to bring together researchers and professionals from the academic, industrial and public sectors with engineering and meta-engineering problems and/or solutions and/or technological innovations in order to share their knowledge and experience in the context of a multi- and inter-disciplinary forum.