Veröffentlicht am: 14.08.2014

‘Innovation Management Devils’ – A Disruptive Factor Based Analysis of Innovation Processes

Müller-Prothmann, T.; Behnken, E.; Borovac, S.

Abstract: There is a general agreement in academic research, management literature, and the political agenda that innovation comes to the fore and attracts the attention of companies as well as the global economy.  Innovations are major drivers for national economies and individual companies operating in competitive global markets. While a large variety of innovation research focuses on success factors, this paper states that a disruptive factor based strategy proves more useful to support innovation management in complex environments. Therefore, this paper analyses disruptive factors as “Innovation Management Devils” (IM-Devils) and presents the conceptualisation of a disruptive factor based innovation strategy for the aerospace industry.

Keywords: innovation management, disruptive factors, innovation barriers, innovation process, complex innovation environments, innovation networks

Quote as: Paper presented at the ISPIM – International Society for Professional Innovation Management – Conference 2008. Tours, France 2008.

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