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Innovation Management Blogs

Pumacy Technologies AG published a list of the most popular innovation management weblogs based on an explorative study about innovation and innovation management blogs

The list below represents a selection of more then 40 blogs and is an extract from our list presented in the study. The blogs were selected by topic and activity. The figures compared within the study refer to activities of bloggers in April 2009. Corresponding icons can be found in more than 10 blogs (active blog), 10 comments (many comments), a Google PageRank of at least 5 (high google pagerank) or an Alexa Ranking under a million (high alexa ranking). The list is sorted by numbers of postings in April 2009. IM-Blogs provide various kinds of information, whereas the significance of innovation and innovation management depends on the topic of the blog.


active blog many comments high alexa ranking Springwise Springwise Team and Journalists
Scan of the globe’s most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts
Keywords: New Business Ideas
active blog many comments high alexa ranking Best Practice Business Burkhard Schneider
Präsentation neuer Ideen und Lösungen für Unternehmen
Keywords: Ideas, Innovation, New Pricing Models, Best Practices
active blog many comments Innovation wings Hans-Ueli Wolff
Beratung zur Analyse und Lösung komplexer Situationen in Unternehmen
Keywords: Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Innovationsprozess, Informatik
active blog many comments high google pagerank high alexa ranking Design Mind Tim Leberecht, Emma Zhu et al.
Provides perspectives on industry trends, emerging technologies, and global consumer culture
Keywords: Industry trends, Design
active blog many comments high alexa ranking Business-Club
Verbindung von Menschen mit einer Version vom Neuen Denken in der Wirtschaft
Keywords: Innovation und Wandel, Ethik und Werte, Kreativität und Querdenken
active blog high google pagerank high alexa ranking Innoblog Josh Suskewicz, Luke Langford, Natalie Painchaud, Scott Anthony
Covering aspects of innovation from strategy to execution in thought-provoking and insightful posts
Keywords: Disruptive innovation, Strategy, Recession
active blog many comments high alexa ranking The Heart of Innovation Mitchell Lewis Ditkoff et al.
Consulting company dedicated to awakening and nurturing the spirit of innovation
Keywords: Innovation, Best practice, Culture of innovation
active blog many comments Blogging Innovation Braden Kelley
Consulting company on business strategy innovations and other topics
Keywords: Innovation, Marketing
active blog many comments Principled Innovation Blog Jeff De Cagna
Consulting company sharing ideas and providing tools to help others share their ideas
Keywords: Innovation, Podcasts, Interviews
active blog Management Blog Australian Institute of Management
Australian Institute of Management trendspotting and scanning the environment
Keywords: Management and leadership, Innovation, Strategy, Marketing
active blog many comments Passion for Innovation Aad’t Hart
Writing about personal observations and experiences
Keywords: Innovation, Social Media, Communities, Business software
active blog many comments high google pagerank Endless Innovation Blog Dominic Basulto
Blogger with a fascination for innovation, writing about What’s next
Keywords: Innovation trends, Innovation thinkers, International innovation
active blog many comments high google pagerank Outside Innovation Patty Seybold
A weblog to complement the book, Outside Innovation
Keywords: Customer innovation
active blog RWTH-TIM Blog RWTH Aachen
News from university RWTH Aachen
Keywords: Technology and Innovation
active blog many comments high alexa ranking Zephram ideas for everyone Jana Görs, Graham Horton, René Chelvier
Ideen und Einblicke zur ersten Innovationsphase
Keywords: Innovation, Innovation strategy, Idea production
active blog many comments high google pagerank high alexa ranking Guerrilla Innovation Sebastian Campion
Writing about traditional ideas and situations that are challenged through unconventional creativity
Keywords: Creative Solutions, Creativity, Art
 many comments high alexa ranking Anders denken Hannes Treichl
Außergewöhnliches Marketing, Innovative (Geschäfts-)Ideen, Chancen im neuen Internet
Keywords: New Business Models, Marketing Ideas, Innovation
 many comments high google pagerank high alexa ranking Innocentive Dwayne Spradlin, Alph Bingham, David Ritter, Lisa Reinhold, Connie French
Forum for solvers to interact with the team of InnoCentive
Keywords: Innovation, Open Innovation
 high google pagerank British Quality Foundation Paul Sloane
British Quality Foundation special interest group on innovation
Keywords: Innovation, Creativity
 high google pagerank high alexa ranking Innovation Spirit Franz Filzmoser, Haruki, Klaus Nemelka
Innovations-Weblog zum Austausch von Informationen und Meinungen zum Thema Innovation
Keywords: Neue Produkte und Technologien, Innovationsmanagement, Design, Ideen
 many comments high alexa ranking work.innovation Alexander Greisle
Nützliches rund um neue Arbeitsformen und -konzepte
Keywords: Innovation, Neue Arbeitsformen Service, Business Development
 Innovation Factory Jurjan Huisman, Jaap Linssen
Consulting company writing about new ideas and innovations
Keywords: Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Culture, Community management, Development, Entreprise 2.0
 high google pagerank Innovation@Merage Blog Lynda Lawrence
Discussing information on all aspects of innovation and how it is impacting businesses and academics
Keywords: Innovation, Consumer Products
 fundiblog Thomas Fundneider
Personal observations on (radical) innovation, entrepreneurship and strategy
Keywords: Radical Innovation, Enabling Space, Design Thinking
 many comments high google pagerank high alexa ranking Business Model Design and Innovation Dr. Alexander Osterwalder
Discussing ideas on business models innovation
Keywords: Business Model Design and Innovation
 many comments Radikale Innovationen Eduard G. Kaan
Sammlung von Beispielen zu ‘Radikalen Innovationen’
Keywords: Radikale Innovationen
 high alexa ranking Ideentower Oliver A. Sehorsch
Fünf Querdenker aus unterschiedlichen Branchen berichten über innovative Ideen
Keywords: Innovative Produkte im Marketing, Management und Technologie
 Innovation Living Tomislav Buljubasic
Presenting new ideas and innovative thinking
Keywords: New Products, Innovation Management
 FUTURELAB Stefan Weiß
Unternehmensberatung über das Managen von Wissen und Innovation in Unternehmen
Keywords: Enterprise 2.0, Innovation 2.0, Marketing 2.0
 BrainBank innovation results everyday Andre Laurin
Consulting company writing about ideas and innovation capabilities
Keywords: Idea and Innovation
 Innovation and Web 2.0 Transformation Perspectives Dr. Cindy Gordon
Discussing leading perspectives on the organization of the future
Keywords: Web 2.0, Disruptive Innovation, Service Innovation
 many comments Empowering Ideas Jason Drohn
Empowering new ways of thinking about business and technology
Keywords: Business Innovation, Business Building
 Vital Signs – Management Innovation Blog Alan Wunsche
Ideas on how to be more competitive and successful in the future
Keywords: Management Innovation
 Innovation Backend Uwe Gross
Review on different research topics
Keywords: Open Innovation
 Phil McKinney’s Blog Phil McKinney
Personal blog on sharing the how of personal and organizational creativity and innovation.
Keywords: Killer innovations, creativity
 TakingAIIM Carl Frappaolo
Musings on Innovation, Knowledge, Process and Content Management
Keywords: Innovation Management, Enterprise 2.0
 Tin Whiskers Dave Fazzina, John Leavitt, Kevin Blackwell, Marco Bafan, Marge Fiore, Mike Fuller
Trying to propel the cause of innovation by dispelling troublesome myths
Keywords: Open innovation, Emerging technologies, Innovation
 high google pagerank iinnovate Students at Stanford University’s Business and Design Schools
Keywords: Social Innovation, Information Technology, Consumer Internet, Venture Capital
 iBlog -der Blog zum Innovationsmanagement TMG Technologie Management Gruppe Karlsruhe
Unabhängige Plattform zum Innovationsmanagement und zu Fragestellungen offener Innovationsstrukturen
Keywords: Innovationsmanagement, Open Innovation, Ideenwettbewerb
 Arun Kottotlli Toughts on…Marketing, Innovation & leaderhsip Arun Kottolli
Personal thoughts on innovation topics
Keywords: Marketing, Innovation, Leadership
 Business Innovation Blog Bas van Oosterhout
Aims at inspiring Business Model Innovation thinking
Keywords: Business Innovation, Business Model Innovation

active blog Active blog with ten or more postings in 4/2009

many comments Ten or more comments in 4/2009
high google pagerank Google PageRank™ of five or higher
high alexa ranking Alexa Ranking less than one million

We welcome your comments and suggestions on how to improve this overview. If there are more active Innovation Management weblogs that do not yet appear on our list, please contact us.