Veröffentlicht am: 18.01.2011

Pumacy Systems opens new office in Leipzig

The new office enables Pumacy Systems GmbH to strengthen sales and support of the knowledge management software KMmaster.

Pumacy Systems GmbH is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Leipzig/Saxony. Pumacy System develops and supplies the knowledge management software KMmaster. The opening of the new office marks the successful achievement of another milestone in the company’s growth plans, including the provision of international sales and support, training and the development of the knowledge management software.

Pumacy Systems, with headquarters in Bernburg/Saxony-Anhalt, has been delivering knowledge management software solutions since 2003.

“The new office will allow us to grow and expand as a business. Leipzig offers several advantages as we seek qualified professionals, graduates and students. The broad academic landscape as well the clear commitment of the city and the state to software and information technology was an important factor in our decision,” said Dr. Toralf Kahlert, executive director of Pumacy Systems GmbH. “

Within the next few years Pumacy will offer numerous jobs in software development, sales and support. The headquarters of the company will remain in Bernburg.


KMmaster ( is a knowledge management application to manage process-based information and documents.

Individually designed solution concepts promote communication and collaboration within teams working in distributed environments. The systematic management of knowledge helps businesses to improve performance and increase profitability.

The KMmaster Team Collaboration Edition combines methods from knowledge and innovation management with web 2.0 functionalities such as wikis, tags, blogs and micro blogging. The edition encourages project teams and divisions to share, discuss and develop their documents, expertise and ideas.

The KMmaster Life Science Edition is a solution for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The current edition for the management of standard operating procedures (SOP) provides several features such as training management, support of an integrated audit trail, advanced documentation and search features conforming to 21 CFR Part 11 requirements.

Pumacy Systems GmbH

Pumacy Systems is an in-house software company of the Pumacy Group. The software KMmaster® ( is a knowledge management application to manage process-based information and documents.

Pumacy Technologies ( is a leading knowledge management solution provider. Based on an interdisciplinary approach, Pumacy provides a comprehensive product and service portfolio for knowledge, process and innovation management.