Veröffentlicht am: 14.11.2011

Pumacy und Induct vereinbaren strategische Partnerschaft für cloud-basierte Open Innovation Management Software

Pumacy has entered into a strategic partnership with Induct to Induct Open Innovationdeliver open innovation solutions of the Norwegian-based company Induct Software AS as the premier vendor in the German-speaking market.


Pumacy Technologies AG is now the premier strategic partner of Induct SoftwareTM AS to deliver the Induct end-to-end open innovation solution to customers in the German-speaking market (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Induct is a Norwegian-based company with offices in Boston (U.S.), China, India, and Brazil. The Open Innovation concept is marked by the openness of innovation processes and the active and strategic use of information that is available from external sources, e.g. customers, suppliers, vendors, distributors, manufacturers, resellers, researchers, and partners.

“Induct is a leader in Web-based innovation management systems that promote open innovation. The Induct cloud solution fits perfectly into our product philosophy and allows Pumacy to offer open innovation as Sofware-as-a-Service, and to provide our customers with the best possible means to achieve their strategic innovation objectives. This partnership strengthens our position as a leading service provider in the German-speaking market,“ explains Dr. Tobias Müller-Prothmann, Head of Innovation Management at Pumacy Technologies AG.

“We are pleased that Pumacy will be integrating their innovation process methodology with our cloud-based open innovation platform,” said Alf Martin Johansen, founder and Chairman of Induct Software AS. “Pumacy offers major companies, governments, and organizations an end-to-end systematic consulting approach that ranges from initial strategy determination to a professional implementation of a customized innovation management process. The strength of the Pumacy model will now be available on a working Web-based platform that will allow Pumacy customers to start with ideation, add innovation management, and gradually transition to a more open innovation environment.”

Induct is fully committed to the principles of open innovation as espoused by Berkeley Professor Dr. Henry Chesbrough, author of the book ‘Open Innovation’ and the head of Induct’s Academic Advisory Board. Induct founder and Chairman Alf Martin Johansen and CEO David Burns were early employees of Norway’s Fast Search & Transfer, which was sold to Microsoft and integrated into Microsoft SharePoint.

Induct delivers a cloud based “Software as a Service” end-to-end innovation management platform. There is nothing to build, buy, install, backup, or maintain. The platform can be implemented very easily without spending more money for hardware and wasting time on the configuration of a software solution. The unique solutions of Induct are flexible and adaptable to changing customer needs and their innovation processes. Induct is fully customizable with no programming required; just type, click, and save. Induct allows all company stakeholders to be involved in the innovation process; employees are encouraged at every level of the organization to contribute to the innovation process. With Induct, ideas are not lost at the lower levels of the organization. The Induct solution combines enterprise 2.0 technologies and business-hardened social networking concepts with a flexible and customizable framework for the management of innovation processes. The Induct solution is scalable to suit small companies, project teams, or large enterprises. It provides the opportunity to involve all participants of the value network.

Pumacy Technologies AG

Pumacy Technologies AG ( is a leading knowledge management solution provider. The comprehensive portfolio of products and services is based on an interdisciplinary approach covering knowledge, process, and innovation management.

Pumacy has customers who are known as leading manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive, as well as the plant and machinery industries. Pumacy has extensive references from significant international projects.

Induct SoftwareTM AS

Induct wants to change the way that organisations think about innovation. Based on the work of Professor Henry Chesbrough of UC Berkeley, the author of the book “Open Innovation”, Induct integrates technology for collaborative working and social network concepts with a flexible and customizable innovation framework for the management of innovation processes. To find out more about Induct, please visit