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Dream Team: SharePoint with Wiki

Professional knowledge management aims to prevent the loss of organisational knowledge and encourages the knowledge transfer beyond the organisation, i.e. between employees, across generations and departments. It is best if companies start using a wiki solution that builds on existing infrastructures. This encourages people in using the Wiki solution. “If MS SharePoint is already being used, then it would also be of benefit to use the platform as a company Wiki,” suggest the knowledge management experts at Pumacy Technologies AG.

A current study carried out by Pumacy shows that a Wiki based on MS SharePoint is an effective solution compared to the seven best-ranked independent Wiki systems. “People are willing to accept a Wiki which builds on existing systems and structures,” says Pumacy CEO Dr. Toralf Kahlert with regard to the results of the study “Spoilt for Choice – Wiki Software for Knowledge Management in Organisations”. The success of a company Wiki goes hand in hand with the readiness of the staff to take part in the exchange of their knowledge. Only the participation of authors, commentators, and readers reveals the true value of the Wiki.

This is all the more important as known and respected software is more easily integrated into new work routines. If a Wiki shows the same known structures (e.g. symbols and menus), people will readily accept the application. Staff who are aware of the individual and collective benefit of a large knowledge database will feel motivated to become active participants in the community. However, people have to be convinced that no additional tasks are created when using the Wiki. They have to become aware that there is a database that makes working more efficient and provides access to valuable company knowledge.

Another important fact is the dissemination of the platform: according to a study carried out by Microsoft, nearly 78 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use MS SharePoint. However, most of them use the platform as a document management system exclusively. Dr. Kahlert is convinced “If a company already uses MS SharePoint, the upgrade of the system to a company Wiki is a very efficient way of extending the functionality of the platform.” The well-known layout of Microsoft can also be found on the user interface of the Wiki. The user does not have to get used to new symbols and routines. Software, data management and Wiki are built on SharePoint.

“For those companies that do not use MS SharePoint, the implementation of a separate Wiki platform would be more suitable,” adds Dr. Kahlert. Using MS SharePoint exclusively as a Wiki platform is disproportionate to the functionality of the platform. Pumacy provides advice  whether a company plans to use a separate Wiki platform or intends to extend the applicability of MS SharePoint. The services of Pumacy range from implementation of professional knowledge management platforms to staff trainings.

More Information:

Spoilt for Choice – Wiki Software for Knowledge Management in Organisations
Pumacy defined objective criteria requirements for wikis used for knowledge management in organisations and analysed 100 wiki solutions in respect of organisational needs. Confluence, DokuWiki, DrupalWiki, Media Wiki, TikiWiki, TWiki und Foswiki and a SharePoint Wiki fulfilled the following requirements maturity, security, flexibility, customisability, and system integration. The analysis of the wikis focused on the sections ease of use, structuring of content, search functions, quality assurance. For more information please click here.

Wikis and Knowledge Management

The online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has become a distinguished brand. Users write articles and easily conserve and share knowledge. The success story of Wikipedia however cannot be repeated in the same way in organisations. One reason why the open approach must be considered seriously in an organisation is the security aspect. With valid login details knowledge can be made available to staff to edit, develop and search stored knowledge. Dr. Kahlert summarises: “Using a Wiki makes it possible to provide staff with the right knowledge at the right time.”

Pumacy:  Professional knowledge management with SharePoint

The service provider Pumacy is competence leader for upgrading SharePoint infrastructures to a corporate Wiki solution. Pumacy has extensive experience of working with clients in many different sectors, e.g. the aircraft manufacturer Airbus. Even without using MS SharePoint companies can benefit from Pumacys experience to implement knowledge management practice and integrate Wiki applications.
Pumacy Technologies AG manages small knowledge management projects as well as large outsourcing projects and provides consultancy and training to customers before, during and after the implementation of a solution.