EXALEAD CloudView is the revolutionary software solution of our partner Dassault Systèmes to prepare complex information from heterogeneously structured and unstructured data sources based on indexing and semantic technologies.

Improved data maintenance and integration

EXALEAD CloudView permits intuitive searches, analysis and application-oriented preparation of nearly any data source. EXALEAD CloudView is a unique solution, able to collect large data volumes in any format, to reconcile and aggregate them or to virtually integrate them. If does not matter if the data are internal or external, structured or unstructured, simple or complex: The heterogeneous data are considered a single, structured source of information. Information is issued nearly in real time and according to demand – anywhere and at any time.

Big Data – Easily controlling large amounts of data

EXALEAD CloudView may be used both for direct search and for further processing of selected information in task-specific search-based applications (SBA).

For example, companies from the area of renewable energies, but also a great many other data-intensive industries, need to assess and prepare very large data volumes in a targeted and partially real-time manner to be able to warrant reliable control and planning of their facilities. Industries like the banking sector or the automotive industry also rely increasingly on the analysis of data sources with partially retrospective historic contents in which free texts, e.g. from social networks, are linked to company-internal databases.

At a single glance: Highlights by EXALEAD CloudView

  • Agile, high-performing, user-friendly by web technology
  • Semantic analyses
  • ONE entrance point for any information search
  • Analysis of structured data sources such as ERP, CRM e.g.
  • Data analysis in unstructured sources like Web, Social Media, file systems, email, etc.

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There are many other application situations for EXALEAD CloudView across all industries as well. We will gladly discuss with you how we can help you in controlling and user-compatible preparation of large data volumes.

Customised search applications

Pumacy offers customised solution packages aligned with your search applications. Agile adjustment of the frequently changing requirements is particularly important in the dynamic data world. This includes the requirement description and system concept, information-technical implementation as well as, on demand, individual design of your processes. Pumacy supports conventional questions not simply by different technologies, but permits entirely new views and assessments by novel combinations. We consider the tasks you have for us a decision-making basis in complex data worlds. We are your partner for the required agile software adjustment – no matter if we enable you to perform it or you charge us with doing so.

For this, we first determine and analyse your demand and your specific requirements. This includes identification of the data sources to be considered, questions of access authorisation, development of search-based applications (SBA) for data aggregation and visualisation or preparation of the desired information. Together with our customers, we develop a solution, implement it and offer trainings, e.g. for administrators, for in-house further development or adjustments.

Of course, we act as your support partner in current operation to enable you to react to changed framework conditions by process and system adjustments.