Innovation Management

Our methods and tools in innovation management support you in systematic structuring and design across your individual innovation process – from generation of ideas to implementation of innovation projects. We use synergies between the innovation participants at your organisation and your partners for this, analyse potentials and design efficient, individual processes in the scope of a future-capable overall strategy.

Our performance portfolio comprises three focal points that promote holistic innovation management

  • Innovation process: how to best position a company to be successfully innovative? How does the idea become innovation?
  • Open innovation: How open-mindedly does my company position itself in research and development? What do the innovation processes for this look like and how can the results be implemented?
  • Innovation financing: which financing sources are available to my company and how can I develop them?

To support your company individually and in a demand-oriented manner, Pumacy makes use of comprehensive experience and expert know-how, as well as of a network of selected software partners.