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Bredehorst, B.; Gross, D.; Frost, I. & Spier, S. "Wissensmanagement-Trends 2014-2023: Was Anwender nutzen und Visionäre erwarten"


A trend study of Pumacy Technologies AG answers the question of which knowledge management approaches have a chance to succeed. The authors have examined all practices for their distribution. They use the hype cycle approach for this. It illustrates the different phases of public attention that an innovation goes through during market introduction. The chart shows for each method and technology whether it is already being used in production or still subject to development. In addition to these date, the study shows when the different knowledge management trends will become established. The respondents are all knowledge management users and visionaries, most of them in managing or executive positions in large companies.

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Doberstein, S.; Spier, S. & Gross, D. (Hrsg.) "Open Journal of Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management in laboratory"

Published by Community of Knowledge Volume VI, Berlin, 2012

Our annually second Open Journal of Knowledge Management is traditionally reserved for the most successfull articles of the last 12 months, which not yet published in a Open Journal. Enjoy the reading of our sixth Open Journal in 2012!

Open Journal as full text version (PDF)

Grzeganek, K.; Frost, I. & Gross, D. "Spoilt for Choice - Wiki Software for Knowledge Management in Organisations"

Published online:, Berlin, January 2011

The article presents the most popular wiki solutions and provides an analysis of features and functionalities based on organisational needs for the management of knowledge. All wiki solutions are compared to usability, search function, structuring and validation of knowledge.  

Full text version

Müller-Prothmann, T. & Pinternagel, S."Give Lead Users the Lead. Integration of Requirements Engineering into Innovation Processes"

Accepted as full paper presentation at the XXI ISPIM Conference 2010, Bilbao/Spain, 2010.

Full text version (PDF) - English


Hans-Joachim Barg - a former systems administrator at Airbus and user of, the solution for knowledge transfers between experts provided by Pumacy - talks about his experience with the solution to Berlin Maximal, the business magazine for SMBs in the region of the greater Berlin area  - issue 08.2012, p. 54

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Dr. Tobias Müller-Prothmann, head of innovation management, talks about the importance of systematic innovation management for companies. Growing With Innovations - KHS competence - February 2011, p.6

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Dr. Tobias Müller-Prothmann, head of innovation management, speaks to fö about the programme INNOVATION MANAGEMENT for small and medium-sized enterprises, an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. - 7 October 2009

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Ingo Frost, project manager of the Community of Knowledge, speaks to CHECK.point eLearning about Pumacy sponsoring the Community of Knowledge. - September 2009

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