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Bernburg -  Thursday, 11 June 2009

Re-launch of the community of knowledge

Pumacy Technologies provides technical and conceptual support for the re-launch of the community of knowledge

Pumacy Technologies AG, knowledge management solution provider, today announced the re-launch of the community of knowledge (c-o-k), a leading knowledge management community portal in Germany that is currently undergoing a conceptual change. The main role of the community will be to provide a specialist audience with a wide variety of articles written by community members who are experts in the field of knowledge management. The implementation of additional network and dialog features is expected to strengthen the acceptance of c-o-k.

„The community of knowledge is not a closed community. It welcomes all those with an interest in knowledge management, no matter their professional background,” said Steffen Doberstein, chief editor of the community of knowledge. “We have set up this online community to build a bridge from a general to a systematic exploration of knowledge and to become number one resource for information for knowledge managers.” 

The current first release of c-o-k is developed through an open process.  To accelerate the development process, the c-o-k offers a blog to share ideas and inputs between community members, new readers and the project team.

The re-launch project of the c-o-k will be completed before the end of December 2009. The beta release is scheduled for autumn 2009. The project team is made up of the previous c-o-k editorial staff and research assistants form Pumacy. Pumacy is main sponsor. C-o-k is operated by a non-profit organisation. This strengthens the community’s impartiality. The open content licensing is intended to assure that authors can publish their articles online free of charge
Most important in this situation is the reactivation of the community, the recruitment of new members and the interaction and the dialog in the project-related blog that has currently started a survey about the implementation of additional content and technical (see

Pumacy Technologies AG

Pumacy Technologies AG ( ) is a leading knowledge management solution provider. The comprehensive portfolio of products and services is based on an interdisciplinary approach covering knowledge, process, and innovation management. The knowledge management platform KMmaster® ( is a technology to support individual knowledge management concepts.

Pumacy has customers who are known as leading manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive, as well as the plant and machinery industries. Pumacy has extensive references from significant international projects.

Community of knowledge

The community of knowledge ( is an independent internet platform to share and present expert knowledge in the field of knowledge management. The community of knowledge (c-o-k) was founded in 2000. It has gained wide acceptance with a strong network of experts. The community of knowledge is widely known in the German-speaking knowledge management community.

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