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Bernburg -  Friday, 26 September 2008

Pumacy presents first results from a study about knowledge management blogs

Pumacy Technologies AG published a collection of active knowledge management weblogs based on an explorative study about „Knowledge Management Blogs”.

Pumacy Technologies AG, solution provider for knowledge, process and innovation management is undertaking a study to explore the potential of Web 2.0 technologies for knowledge management. First step is a systematic survey of private and commercial blogs that inform about knowledge management.
Web 2.0 technologies are already standard communication tools in private communication. The results of the survey point out that Web 2.0 becomes more and more interesting for community-based knowledge management activities in companies.

Today far more than 50 blog authors exchange ideas and experiences about knowledge management in the World Wide Web. The blogosphere that encompasses all blogs and their interconnections is an informative, international and vibrant place. Some blogs combine different knowledge management subjects and blog authors discuss these subjects from their point of view.
Pumacy published interim results including a list of more than 50 active blogs on the website ( The figures compared within the study refer to activities of bloggers in August 2008 such as number of postings or comments as well as search engine rankings.

Pumacy Technologies AG

Pumacy Technologies AG ( is a leading knowledge management solution provider. The comprehensive portfolio of products and services is based on an interdisciplinary approach covering knowledge, process, and innovation management. The software tool KMmaster® ( is a technology to supports individual knowledge management concepts.

Pumacy has customers who are known as leading manufacturers from the aerospace and automotive, as well as the plant and machinery industries. Pumacy has extensive references from significant international consultancy and IT projects.

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